Thursday, December 29, 2011

MW3 and me

2 blog entries for nearly 2 months and now I have 3 in as many days. Well I just had to share this since it doesn't happen too often. As a Modern Warfare 3 player on the Playstation 3, I've been playing the multiplayer/Spec Op modes quite frequently during this holiday break. For those of you not familiar with the game, it's one of the best sellers this Christmas season. It may not be the best FPS around since Battlefield 3 seems to be the better title in most game reviews and comparisons, but still I'm too familiar and comfortable with the franchise to try something totally new. I'll still get BF3 one day though.

Back to the game. I'm not really a good player on multiplayer. I run and gun a lot, hoping to meet unsuspecting players behind their backs and give them a good spray from my assault rifle. Usually my kill streaks peaks at around 3 or 4 at max, while most of the time I just get the death streak rewards instead. Usually when I play, I seem to face asian opponents a lot. I've heard players from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore. The rest of the players would usually be from America. I usually mute the HK players cause I can't really stand cantonese chatting while I run around the maps. I'd mute all Singaporean players due to the excessive hokkien swearing too. I have a headset but I'd prefer not to talk.

And the reason for this post is that 2 days ago, in an amazing stroke of luck, I managed to get a 5.0 Kill-Death ratio. That's incredible for someone who has an average of 0.765 from 20 hours of online gameplay. Somehow, the new setup and equipment's done me a favor. I now carry 2 primary weapons, one of them a riot shield, which I hardly use but it helps to provide cover for my (usually exposed) back. I switched to another assault rifle that fires 3 round bursts, and it's helped my accuracy a great deal. I try to play smart too (try), since in this new mode called Drop Zone most other players rush into a designated hot area without much hesitation and I can hide in a corner to ambush them within the kill zone. I racked up a 5.0 KD ratio, and JUST had to upload the clip to youtube. Too bad it can only record 30 second clips. Well, behold my once-in-a-life-time achievement via the video above. Hey it's nothing great compared to other players but for me it's stunning enough for a blog entry :)

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