Sunday, January 08, 2012

Blue Lobsters!

And so I was pretty bored during the holiday season and some how bought and set up a mini aquarium at home. The initial intent was to just have a nice little tank, with guppies or some other generic looking cheap costing fish swimming around. I figure it would be nice for Rena to get to feed the fishes and also to learn about caring for animals.

After the death of some of the shrimps and other fishes I decided to get something tougher and more resistant to lack of care from the owners. In came the 2 Blue lobsters. OK OK to be honest they aren't technically lobsters. It's just a trade name. They are actually crayfish. Still, lobster sounds fiercer. So far they're enjoying their time here, at the expense of the other smaller fish at times. I found out they can get pretty big, so I'm hoping to see how long I can make them last.

I actually thought one of them died 2 weeks ago, when I had to remove the half eaten corpse out of the tank. I was pretty sad until I went back to the tank and realised that both of them were still there! I had to rub my eyes to confirm what I saw. I discovered that they molt pretty often, and leave behind a complete shell every time they do it. I'm finding out new things, and so far it's been pretty interesting.

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Anonymous said...

what other fish u got in there? and also what size tank (how many gallons)