Monday, January 30, 2012

Running out of space!

More of my shipment from Japan arrived today! Since my birthday's just around the corner I took the liberty to get my wife to sponsor my self-selected presents. Of course I took the opportunity to get some of the older stuff which I've been aiming at for a while, such as the Ironman Mark IV and War Machine figures from Revoltech. I actually didn't want to order so many items this time, but because of one individual item which I knew was going out of stock really soon I had to act fast. That's the Super Sentai Red Heroes box set, which is actually a continuation of the latest 5 seasons of Super Sentai. I have all the other 30 figures from a previous boxset, and missing out on this would be a shame. The older figures have been around for the past 5 years, and in all, I would have all the figures of the Red rangers. That's 35 years of Super Sentai history!

My original plan was also to get all the S.H.Figuarts for the Gokaiger series, but their high costs made me decide otherwise. The Green and Blue ones were also out of stock sadly. So I decided I'll just keep the Red ones and thus went for Shinken Red. The other 2 figures are just from the normal series from Fourze which I've been keeping for the past few years. Well, more things for me to place in my already packed cabinets, and I'm seriously running out of space. Time to shift soon I hope! In the meantime, more buying of totally worthless stuff FTW. :)

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