Thursday, June 08, 2006


I feel like I'm a frog. This feeling started on Monday, where I was attached to a divison exercise to learn more about my upcoming posting. I feel like I've finally began to climb that well that has been between me and the outside world for 3 and a half years. As I make my way out of this well, I begin to smell the fresh air as well as see the light that has eluded me all this while. It wasn't easy climbing up though. I made some falls but the thought of greener pasture pushed me ahead. I've learnt so much new stuff during this exercise I'm on the verge of information overload.

Fear also exists in a form of uncertainty. This well has...erm... treated me well for the past few years, and it has become another home to me, where lots of bonds were made and fun times were shared. But every chapter has to have a an ending, and here I am, right on the very last page of this one. It's been meaningful and I've learnt a lot, but the story must continue, and a new chapter awaits.

It's hard to tell some one how much you need a car, when you work in the SAF which has irregular working hours and camps which are situated on the isolated spots in the country. I've spent quite a period of time trying to convince Mabel that I NEED one, and although it's taken a while, she has finally shown signs of cracking and giving in. Hehe, persistance prevails! Here you see the 3 cars which I've considered. They are: the Mazda 3, Honda Jazz, and the Toyota Vios.

After some debating sessions and financial presentations from the minister of Finance and Home Affairs, the President (me lah.... duh) has decided that it's better to go for an economical car which will not dent our savings, since our flat is coming very very soon. More likely than not, our choice is going to be the Toyota Vios. Colour yet to be decided, but we'll be going for our test drive sooner than you can say "kuruma ga hoshii!"

Although it's nearly the end of the month, I still forked out some money to get the 12 inch Garo figure, as Mike was selling it at a real bargain price of $70 for special Lah members. Not wanting to let this chance escape, I requested for Ryan to help me get this figure, and I promptly returned him the money through NETs. It's not really a small sum of money, but I figured that it was still worth getting because I really loved the series. I've been recommending the series to a lot of friends, and many are converted to fans like me. The upcoming volumes of Equip and Prop will feature Garo and Goten, Berserk Garo, and Dark Knight Kiba. And from the pictures from the Lah forum, Berserk Garo is going to be HUGE! And when I say huge, I mean HUGE! Check back for pics here soon.

Also received from Tony the set of Ultraman 40th Anniversary candy toys. It's supposed to be in a set of 5, but since I don't like Kaiju I decided to tuck the Zetton figure away. These 4 figures look good, but not as great as the recent Ultimate Solid figures, which had more of a rubbery feel rather than a plastic feel. At least there's Zoffy in the figure line up, so it's still worth it. : )

Morning Musume's 30th single "Ambitious!野心的でいいじゃん" has been released! Well, at least the PV's out. Honestly, it was a disappointment. I expected something better than "SEXY BOY~そよ風に寄り添って~", but this PV tries too much to be cute and fails miserably, with the girls posing in awkard stances and fighting poses. Looks disjointed to me and I believe long gone are the days of memorable PVs such as Renai Revolution and Koko ni Iruze. :(

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