Sunday, June 25, 2006


Well as you can most probably see from the pictures and the title, we've settled on a decision and got for ourselves a yellow Honda Jazz. Yes, I've stated in the previous post that I would prefer the Toyota Vios if possible, but after visiting both the show rooms and making side by side comparisions (as well as the wide-eyed pleas from Mabel), I've decided that..... in terms of value for money, the Jazz goes a long way, for it's size of course.

I was particularly impressed by the interior design of the Jazz. For a small hatchback, the interior was surprisingly spacious, and there was a function to lower the back seats so that we can put more stuff inside. The dashboard as well as the head unit looks good too, which played a major factor in us deciding to get one. And moreover, we both wanted to get something sporty an in a yellow colour. Even if I were to get a Vios, I would really be tempted to go get it painted in bright yellow.

Although I've already made reservations for the Jazz, the results of the next COE bid will only be known on the 5th of July. Thereafter, the car will only be reaching local shores from Japan near end July or early August. After all this waiting, I would still need to settle all the procudures such as registration, insurance, etc. So, according to the sales executive at KAH motors, I would expect to drive off in my new car latest by mid August. All sounds fine and dandy, but August seems so far away right now..... :(

I went for a family photo shooting session today, as my younger sister graduated from NUS not too long ago and wanted to take a few pictures, along with our family members. It's been quite some time since we had a family portrait, and it was a good time to take one as well. Will definately be getting a copy of the pictures for our new home, in addition to our own photo shoot which will be due in August. Lots of exciting stuff are coming our way in the next 2 months. 1st, our Tokyo trip, then getting our Jazz, then getting our flat in Buangkok and overseeing the renovations work, and of course our wedding shoot. It's going to be a tiring time ahead but definately an enjoyable period for me and Mabel. Expect more pictures coming your way soon!


jack said...

good choice of car la. u wun regret de. =)

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