Saturday, May 19, 2007


Just came home after another Ultraman Lah gathering, this time to celebrate Big D and Derek's birthday. Too bad Derek had something on and couldn't make it, but we got to celebrate for Dennis whose birthday falls on today. Once again, happy birthday! Pics will be added in a later post as I forgot to bring my camera along this time. as usual, the food was great, especially the home cooked laksa from Dennis's wife. The company was fantastic, and I also got to collect my stuff from Sze Huat.

I got all the 4 forms of Kamen Rider Den O, namely Sword, Rod, Axe and Gun. Also received the 3 Soul of Sofubi figures, Knight, Stronger and Tackle. Last but definately not least, the final form of Ultraman Mebius, Phoniex Brave.Like I mentioned previously, I'm not a big fan of sentai, but I decided to get this set of 30 Sentai Red rangers. Perhaps it's due to the few sentai movies I've seen lately for the 25th and 30th anniversaries. Might be due to the Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger series I've been following too. Either way, I thought that it would be cool to own a piece of sentai history. Each ranger is the leader in their own show, which started all the way 31 years ago in 1976. Forget the Americanised Power Ranger series which is crap. Sentai is the way to go.

Less than a week since Tsuji Nozomi announced her pregnancy & wedding, and Tsunku has decided on a replacement for her in Gyaruru (a new 3 member group from H!P). The newest member of Gyaruru is none other than Abe Asami! Yes, Abe Natsumi's little sister will be joining the 3-member group, and will appear alongside fellow members Gal Sone & Tokito Ami at a newly-announced handshake event & mini-concert on May 30th at Shibuya's C.C. Lemon Hall. Being the younger sister of 1st Generation favourite Abe Natsumi, Asami wanted to be different and went for the more sexy look when she first made a debut a few years ago. But things didn't go too well with bad publicity being the reason. Hope everything goes well for her this time!

An all new Transformers trailer has been released.... and I must say it looks absolutely kick ass. Check it out in the clip below. This trailer has gotten me really really excited and I do hope it's going to cheer me up after the dissapointing Spider-Man 3. Prime looks good, and they've even added the classic transforming sound from the G1 cartoons! Will be counting down the days to the premiere.

The movie was well, not as good as I expected, but I'm still looking forward to the game. Granted, it will still be disappointed in some aspects, especially the combat and fighting mechanics. However, I loved the way the swinging was done in the previous installment on the Playstation 2. The ability to swing around the city in a free gaming environment made the player feel like Spider-Man. You have to play the game to experience it. Back then, I can spend hours just swing around and not doing anything else. Here's a clip of the game on the next generation consoles.

That's the end of this update. Until the next time, I'll keep thinking of what else I can add here to make it more... interesting. But still, by now you should have figured that it's still my blog and I'll add whatever that interests me here. From my omocha to the H!P members to the anime and Jpop news, I'll add them in along with my banners and of course photos. Till next week, ja!

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