Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Got some time before going to the airport in an hour's time, was a little bored and so decided to post a bit in a short entry. I've just spent the day watching old Tokusatsu shows on my new harddisk in the living room, and it was a new experience watching some of the older shows on the big screen. Gonna go down to the airport soon, grab some dinner while waiting for Mabel's plane to arrive. After, it's champions league time at home! Woo hoo! And yeah, Jojo and her friends dropped by just now with some exotic but tasty snacks for me just now. I'd just like to say thanks to her and Nicholas for all the nice food theys brought to me these 2 days. It means so much especially when I'm home alone for yet another weekend. :)

Here you see my top 25 songs in my Itunes! My 1st song is from Def Diva, and its one of the songs written for the Rakuten Eagles. Playcount of 201 times, so you can imagine how many times it got onto my present play list. As you can see, most of the songs are Japanese, although mandarin king of pop Jay Chou got quite a couple of tunes in. He's one of the few Chinese singers I listen to. Other worthy mentions are from Berryz Koubou, Matsuura Aya, and one song from Hamazaki Ayumi called "Heaven", which was the theme song used in the film "Shinobi". Great romantic track.

On the left you see a 4 frame comic panel in Mandarin. I've put it up here because there is a reference to Kamen Rider. For the sake of non Chinese viewers, I'll try to translate. It's goes something like this: Birdie on the right "No! I can't bring myself to eat this grasshopper!" Birdie on the left: "It's right in front of you! Are you sick or something?" "There's a reason! It's because he looks to much like the hero I admire..." "You see that? It looks like my hero Kamen Rider!" Obviously, he was referring to the red scarf, which the first few Kamen Riders wore.

Ok, that's it for this post. Will post more stuff once Mabel comes back later. Thankfully I'm on off tomorrow so I can really take a good rest after the Champions League match later. Till then, check back soon. Ja!

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