Monday, May 28, 2007


Quite a number of new things to update, but I'm a little lazy to talk, so don't blame me if this post seems rushed. :) Last weekend, when we were shopping around the Serangoon area, we decided to take a look at the minature fish tanks and decided to get some fish and a tank to make our place look more lively. Well, we went home with Guinea Pig. Yup, a guinea pig.

Some how we wandered into a pet shop, and Mabel was pointing out at how cute some of the dwarf hamsters were, till I pointed out the guinea pigs were quite smart and would make good pets. We spent a good half an hour picking up and examining the different breeds of guinea pigs there, and finally selected this one (left picture). Mabel originally wanted one of the curly haired varieties, but my heart was with this one after it looked into my eyes as if saying "Bring me home!" It's eyes were one of the biggest ones there, and its fur coat was really smooth and shiny. Her name, until today is still in debate. She wants to name her Xiao Bai (小白), after the popular dog in 蜡笔小新. I disagreed, firstly because I wanted a more feminine name, and that one of our hamsters (now in hamster heaven) had that name once. I call our new pet Misa Misa (ミサミサ), after the character from Death Note. So, till now, she has 2 names which we use. I've set up a poll on the right, so vote and let us know how you feel!

Some of our friends came over on Friday evening to cook up a fabulous meal of Fried Udon (Japanese noodles). Amazingly enough, 3 out of 4 of the girls wore the same colour. Guess it must be in season. The girls who were in charge of dinner were: Mabel, Huiming, Jojo & Nicole. The guys, me, William and Nicholas did what husbands ought to do. Watch TV. Nah.......... but seriously the kitchen was the girls' territory. We just didn't want to invade.

I'm sure it was hard work, but the fruits of their labour were evident as the husbands dug in to a delicious meal of fried udon and spicy chicken wings. The girls, after dinner, started work on making dessert. Oreo Cheese Cake! I'm not too big a fan of cheese, but still gave my support. On the whole it was a night of good food along with good company. We ended the night around 3am after the screening of a few movies. I'd take this chance to thank the guys and gals for a great time, and hope to have you guys over again soon.

Collected my set of 30 Sentai Red Warriors. My first set of sentai figures, and I just wanted to have a set of history, since this sets includes all the Red Rangers since 31 years ago. Check out this clip of the first 25 Red Heroes, taken from the 25th Anniversary movie:New Transformer trailers have hit local theaters, and it looks smoooookin hot. Can't wait for the movie to be released. I'm not going to expect too much, since I still can't really accept the look of Bumble Bee. I love how Prime looks, and it's great that Peter Cullen is still voicing him after 20 years. Transformers are a big part of childhood for anyone born in the eighties.

I've not been shocked by any episode in anime for a long long time, perhaps since the series Elfen Lied. This new series I'm watching called Claymore, did just that. It's a rockin' new series, and I've gotten my friends at work talking about it as well. It's a great series, and even Mabel's watching it. Do try and watch it if you can. 5 stars from me. Here's an outline of the plot from wiki:

"A nameless and highly secretive organization has created an order of superhuman warriors to protect humans from the Yoma. These warriors have come to be popularly known as Claymores, after the immense claymores they wield. Villages being attacked by Yoma hire Claymores to kill the Yoma for a large fee. This organization creates the Claymores by implanting Yoma flesh and blood into humans, creating hybrids that are more powerful than the original Yoma, in addition to their weapons training and possibly greater intelligence.

A Claymore's standard abilities include overall enhanced physical prowess (most noticeably, strength), faster healing, limited shape modification and the ability to detect other demons and hybrids. They all wear the same armor and use large claymore swords that normal humans lack the strength to wield, and are characterized by their silver eyes and hair. However, the Yoma powers of each Claymore will increase over time until the Claymore loses all humanity and becomes a powerful, highly intelligent, and incredibly bloodthirsty Yoma called an Awakened. They also constantly run the risk of speeding up their transformations into Yomas if they overuse their powers. A good Claymore will ask a friend (usually a fellow Claymore) to kill them if they sense they are "Awakening" so they would not become a Yoma."

Alright, so this post didn't end up as short as I thought. But well, expect more updates within the week! Until the next post, take care and remember to recycle. I'd end off with my favourite Sentai roll call (the extremely flashy and time wasting "action more than badminton" moves, which the enemy will patiently wait during the process). This clip goes back to 1993 in that year's sentai series: Gosei Sentai Dairanger (五星戦隊ダイレンジャー). They have the best roll call moves of all 30 years in my opinion, which are based from Chinese Martial arts. Enjoy, and see ya soon~

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